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What is “the scholarly record”? There is some work on this already. For instance, Dougherty, M. V., ‘Defining the Scholarly Record’, in Correcting the Scholarly Record for Research Integrity: In the Aftermath of Plagiarism, ed. by M. V. Dougherty, Research Ethics Forum (Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2018), pp. 19–57 gives the following abstract:

This chapter provides a conceptualization of the scholarly record. I propose that items that belong indisputably to the scholarly record meet six hallmarks: the Knowledge, Authorship, Publication, Library, Database, and Discipline conditions. Books issued by scholarly presses and articles appearing in established journals have been the traditional formats for presenting research findings, and such items clearly meet these six conditions. Advances in technology, however, have occasioned new modes for recording and disseminating knowledge, and they create challenges to the long-standing conceptualizations of the scholarly record. Online post-publication review venues, open-access initiatives, interactive scholarly websites, online document repositories, and other venues invite a reconsideration of the precise boundary of the published literature. I distinguish between synchronic and diachronic approaches to the scholarly record. Separating these two allows one to isolate the scholarly record as a present system from past versions that have operated under different parameters and also from future versions that are only anticipated.

I was idly thinking about the characteristics of this term somewhat more broadly and came up with the following assertions:





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