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Reclaim Open was a total delight. So many things about this conference were exactly what I needed: a first day unconference, that encouraged everyone to get talking to one another right away and to get a ton of ideas on the table for continued discussion over the two ensuing days; meeting back up with a bunch of people that I’ve known in various contexts but haven’t seen in eons; exciting, thought-provoking presentations.

I was honored to have the opportunity to deliver one of the keynotes – We Have Never Been Social: Web 2.0 and What Went Wrong (NB: once the slides load, hit S and you’ll get presenter mode with my full script, but you can also see the video including Q&A on the Watch site) – but was even more delighted to get to hear the other two keynotes, by Rajiv Jhangiani and Bryan Alexander, and to get to discuss the opportunities for making a better web with such amazing folks.

I noted at some point in the Q&A, I think, that I was sort of preaching to the choir about the open web and the damage done by its enclosure, but I don’t mean that phrase – “preaching to the choir” – as a form of dismissal. In fact, sometimes the choir can use a good revival, not least so they can take the word with them and pass it along.




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