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Steiner, T., Arias, J., Gatti, R., Higman, R., Hillen, H., Ramalho, A., & van Gerven Oei, V. W. J. (2024). Thoth Publishers Workshop 2023. Copim.

On November 16, 2023, the Thoth team organised a workshop to learn more from the ever-growing number of publishers already using Thoth.

We shared a survey with those publishers to scope their preferences and current practices regarding where they currently send their open access book metadata & content. We also asked them to indicate their interest in learning more about a potential service that would facilitate such submissions for them.

Building on our prior research on the OA books supply chain (cf. Stone et al., 2021) that has subsequently been distilled into the substantive Thoth Wiki to inform our ongoing development work, we included lists of Ebook Distributors & Aggregators (i.e. platforms that focus on content plus metadata) and Metadata Aggregators (i.e. platforms that focus only on metadata) that we would in principle be able to submit data to. We also asked about publishers’ preferences with regards to registering DOIs, archiving their books, legal deposit requirements in their respective national contexts, and preferences regarding the submission of books to research-field-specific bibliographies and/or databases.

This was done to inform the selection of platforms to include in our paid-for dissemination service, Thoth Plus (cf. Gatti et al., 2022), as we wanted to ensure the services offered would be useful and supportive to the publishers we are working with in their actual day-to-day needs.





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