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Bärwolff, T., Benz, M., Dreyer, M., Neufend, M., Kindling, M., Kirchner, A., & Schmidt, B. (2023). Open4DE Landscape Report. Open-Access-Büro Berlin.

This Landscape Report presents the results of the BMBF-funded joint project "Status and prospects of an Open Access strategy for Germany - Open4DE".

In diesem Landscape Report werden Ergebnisse aus dem BMBF-geförderten Verbundprojekt “Stand und Perspektiven einer Open-Access-Strategie für Deutschland - Open4DE” vorgestellt.

Executive Summary:

This Landscape Report presents results from the BMBF-funded joint project "Status and Perspectives of an Open Access Strategy for Germany - Open4DE". The aim of the project is to explore routes towards a nationwide open access policy for Germany. In order to achieve this, the project analysed the discourse on the open access transition through a sample of open access policies, guidelines, strategy and position papers from the following stakeholders: federal and state governments, universities, higher education institutions, research organisations and learned societies (Ch. 2). Interviews with experts who were involved in policy processes in European countries provided information on the design of a possible policy process in Germany (Ch. 3). In workshops and interviews with representatives of the federal government and the German federal states (Ch. 4), the research organisations (Ch. 5), the learned societies (Ch. 6) and with members of the scholar-led publishing community, the status as well as challenges and needs of the transition of the publication system to Open Access were identified. The results of these investigations lead to the draft of a stakeholder governance model for the Open Access community in Germany (strategic-conceptual point of view) and, content-wise, to the following three recommendations: the Open Access transition in Germany should be driven forward in particular under the aspects of strengthening research community-led publication infrastructures, promoting cultural change and a coordinated transformation of financial structures (Ch. 7).




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