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This week a draft agreement between Elsevier and the Dutch universities was leaked, sketching a new kind of "big deal" where all Dutch research gets published Open Access. But the draft is not public and many questions remain. For example, it is unclear what kind of OA the 100% refers too. Is that the 100% OA we get by law already with the "Taverne" regulation? Or is this indeed the wanted full CC-BY OA that must be the real goal? Does it only apply to literature where the Dutch research is the submitting author (as is now), which means the 100% is hardly 100%.

And, of course, what metrics does Elsevier want in return? My "browser history" is for me a total no go. Moreover, in an Open Science world these metrics would be available as Open Data, bringing in competition to Elsevier, which would weaken rather than strengthen their position.



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