4Humanities 2018-12-04

Gathered here is a stockpile of resources to aid in the creation, presentation, and circulation of effective advocacy—including recommendations for online platforms and digital tools, site designs, royalty-free graphics and images, customizable newsfeeds or other dynamic materials, and so on.

Initially, “Resources for Advocacy” will be a collection of posts about digital resources. Later, it will present a more structured guide to how digital technologies can assist in advocating the humanities–for example:

  • A changing “top five” recommendation list of resources to consider in each of the following areas: content management systems (CMS) or exhibition platforms (WordPress, Drupal, OMEKA, etc.), templates for such systems, embeddable news feeds, permission-free or Creative Commons licensed image and audio resources, etc.
  • A set of “best practices” recommendations accompanied by “recipes” (on the model of the “recipes” on the TAPoR text-analysis portal site) for combining tools and resources for specific goals.
  • A contact list of volunteers from the digital humanities community willing to consult with people who want to use digital resources to create effective advocacy. (This could be by rota–i.e., one might volunteer for a month out of each year to serve as a 4Humanities consultant.)