The International Recognition of the Armenian Genocide

Calenda 2024-04-18


The central aim of this international conference is to study how and why, since the end of the Second World War and more significantly since the 1960s, international actors have positioned themselves on the matter of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide—as well as how and why their respective positions have evolved over time. A principal concrete goal will be to analyze and compare the processes of recognizing (or refusing to recognize) the Armenian Genocide across a number of state governments, national and international stakeholders, and institutions at the local or provincial level, in order to understand when, why, and how some adopt clear positions in favor of recognition while others remain ambivalent. Diplomatic relations and geopolitical engagement with Turkey is often cited as a major determinant in navigating these processes; while this is an important factor, it should not mask or overshadow the recognition processes themselves, which are often deeply complex and balance the interests of a multiplicity of stakeholders on the issue.


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Authors: (Minas Ouchaklian)

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04/18/2024, 18:12

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04/17/2024, 18:00