Figures émergentes du pouvoir politique pendant l’Âge du Fer II-III au Proche-Orient asiatique et dans la Méditerranée orientale : des histoires connectées ?

Calenda 2024-05-21


Bringing together specialists of the Ancient Near Eastern and Ancient Greek worlds, this international congress will discuss the appearance during the Iron Age I-II of new figures of power and of power management, opposing or presenting political alternatives to the ideologies and socio-economic functioning of the dominant power systems, thus leading, at times, to significant political changes. The debate may highlight the transformative capacity of ancient political systems, going beyond the usual opposition between the extreme conservatism recognized in Near Eastern despotisms, centralized but also often imperialist, and, on the other hand, the evolutionary tendency attributed to the political systems of the Greek world.


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Authors: (Céline Guilleux)

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05/21/2024, 15:18

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05/20/2024, 18:00