Cognitive Studies Approach to Theatrical Performance Analysis

Calenda 2024-05-22


Approximately twenty years after Theatre Studies embraced the so-called "cognitive turn", Theatralia, a distinguished scholarly journal dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of theatre, once more invites submissions for an upcoming special issue focused on the application of cognitive approaches to theatre analysis. In 2016 Theatralia dedicated its special issue to the new trends in theatre theory development with the focus on the then young burgeoning field of cognitive approaches to theatre studies. This upcoming issue aims to explore how almost ten years later cognitive science methodologies and theories have deepened our understanding of theatrical phenomena, including but not limited to performance, reception, cognition, emotion, and embodiment. We welcome contributions from scholars and practitioners across various disciplines, including Theatre Studies, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Neuroscience, and beyond.


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05/22/2024, 23:27

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