Liberty on parole? Challenges in interactivity

Calenda 2024-02-27


The cfp, edited by Pietro Montani and Andrea Pinotti, is titled “Liberty on parole? Challenges in interactivity” and it's dedicated to the evolving forms of interactivity in the contemporary mediascapes, the issues it raises, as well as its limitations. To what extent does interactivity emancipate the user and redefines the roles both of producer and consumer? To what extent is interactivity outlined as yet another articulation of that inevitable observance of rules (Crary 1990) that marks by definition every relationship of the observer with the media with which he interacts? To what extent does the gained freedom remain a form of freedom conditioned by structural constraints, a liberty on parole?


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Authors: (Céline Guilleux)

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02/27/2024, 19:09

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02/26/2024, 18:00