An introduction to the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science | 2022

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"What is open science and why do we need it? Open science is a set of principles and practices that aim to make scientific research from all fields accessible to everyone for the benefits of scientists and society as a whole. For example, scientists and engineers can use open licenses to share their publications, data, software and hardware more widely—not only with each other but also with the rest of society. Open science is about making sure not only that scientific knowledge is accessible but also that the production of that knowledge itself is inclusive, equitable and sustainable. By promoting science that is more accessible, inclusive and transparent, open science furthers the right of everyone to share in scientific advancement and its benefits as stated in Article 27.1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights....

You can promote open science by reading, talking, and writing about it, becoming an Open Science Ambassador, publishing on open platforms, creating a community of practice, investing in open science and adopting open science principles in your organization’s policies and codes of conduct...."


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