CFP: Open Metaverse Conference | deadline: December, 10th 2022

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"The Open Metaverse Conference is seeking individuals, groups, and companies to demo, present, and participate in our conference across the following content types: Demo | Tutorial | Artist Showcase | Live Entertainment | Immersive Activation | Satellite Event. If you are interested in being featured, please attach a short, 200-word description and complete the accompanying questionnaire form...."

About: "...The Open Metaverse Conference is a first-of-its-kind experience bringing the worlds of the Metaverse and Web3 together. Join us to build a more open and immersive online world...At the OMC, expect to not only hear about the future of the Open Metaverse from tech titans and industry icons but experience it from the eyes and minds of those who are actively building it. The two-day event will gather leaders, creators, builders, and technologists across skill sets and industries to explore, demo, and debate the future of the internet...will take place both in-person and online...Who It’s For: Do-ers, thinkers, creators, and companies at the cutting edge of blockchain, gaming, technology, entertainment and culture. If you're involved or interested in any of the following topics, come build the future of an Open Metaverse for all.

Web3 | The Metaverse | DeFi | Crypto | Blockchain | New Media | Entertainment | Fashion | Gaming | Immersive | AR/VR | Software Development | Film | Music | Art | NFTs | AI | Internet | Enterprise | Technology | Social Media | & Beyond..."


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