GivingTuesday: Schedule of events | 29 November 2022

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"Let's transform the world through radical generosity. GivingTuesday reimagines a world built upon shared humanity and generosity....

  • November 28, 9pm ET:  Global Check In With Philippines, Malaysia, and Nepal
  • November 29, 6am ET: Global Check In With Lebanon and Italy
  • November 29, 7:30am ET: Global Check In With Senegal, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Zambia
  • November 29, 7:45am ET: Global Check In With India
  • November 29, 8am ET: Giving to Help Animals
  • November 29, 9am ET: Giving to Support Families
  • November 29, 10am ET: #WhenAlumniGive
  • November 29, 11am ET: Giving to Support Refugees and Immigrants
  • November 29, 12:30pm ET: Global Check In With Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Colombia
  • November 29, 1pm ET: #GiveNative
  • November 29, 2pm ET: Giving Your Talents
  • November 29, 3pm ET: Giving Money
  • November 29, 4pm ET: Giving Your Voice
  • November 29, 6pm ET: Sparking the Spirit of Generosity in Young People..."


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