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The purpose of this paper is to provide a case study in China to show whether open access (OA) affects document delivery services.


The authors conduct a statistical analysis and carry out an investigation through a questionnaire.


Compared with the rapid development of OA around the world, China has published a small number of OA journals. At present, the effect of OA on document delivery service in Capital Normal University Library (CNUL) is positive in that librarians can use OA as an extra resource to perform document delivery services. CNUL users know little about document delivery service or OA, but they frequently look for free Internet resources. CNUL should do more promotion of its document delivery services. Considering users’ behavior and the development of OA in future, the volume of document delivery service may be affected. CNUL should redesign its document delivery service.


The paper will be relevant to librarians interested in OA and document delivery services in China.



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