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"Invest in Open Infrastructure (IOI) is an international organization that researches and advocates for open, community-led research infrastructure and works toward coordinated and sustainable funding models. In August 2021, IOI released the final report from the Future of Open Scholarship (FOS) project....

The report recommends the creation of an Open Infrastructure Technology Oversight Committee comprising key stakeholders and emphasizes that funding models are a key consideration for sustainable open research infrastructure. Finally, the report presents five recommended interventions, with updates about what has been achieved toward them so far and possible future timelines. These recommendations are, in the short term (<1 year),

  • to explore models for enabling greater interoperability between information-sharing systems
  • establish a committee for open infrastructure technology oversight.

In the medium term (1–2 years+),

  • to identify opportunities for collective service and support models to maximize collective benefits and improve resilience.

And in the long term, (3 years+)

  • to pilot a rapid response fund to support project maintenance, building on the previous pilot project
  • develop a funding model framework to assess the feasibility of a collective funding model, coordinating efforts currently underway (28–29).

In addition to its final report, the FOS project includes an interactive financial modelling tool and an accompanying report that models the costs and benefits of collective investment in open infrastructure...."



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