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"Releasing the Largest Open Access Cultural Data Set: Two Year Update

Effie Kapsalis, Senior Digital Program Officer, Smithsonian Office of Digital Transformation 3/24/2022 10:15-11:15

This year, as we mark the 175th anniversary of the Smithsonian Institution, we celebrate our past knowing that our present is at a turning point. The pandemic has tested us individually and as a society, bringing issues such as race and inclusion, social injustice, and the sustainability of the planet into high relief. It is unclear how cultural institutions will address these issues. Our interactions and outreach over the last year have been mediated solely through the lens of digital technology, and we continue to learn, explore, and assess how best to use this technology to create effective change. The 2022 Digitization Conference will focus on the role digital experiences will have in how the Smithsonian and other cultural institutions can extend our reach, reassess our impact, and reimagine our role in the world that emerges from the pandemic."



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