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"...What we are working on: We are finalizing our Strategic Roadmap for 2022. After comments and feedback from the Steering Committee, we plan to share this publicly for community input and feedback. Using TagTeam, an open-source, collaborative tagging platform, we are monitoring news and commentary related to open infrastructure. You can see and read what we have tagged in the Open Infrastructure Tracking Project. More documentation on how to join and contribute to this effort coming soon! We finalized the Charter for the Community Oversight Council (COC). We have created a HackMD page for documentation related to the COC, including the Charter, meeting summaries and more. The COC will be hosting a public call in May - stay tuned for more information, soon! We are developing a Conflict of Interest Declaration for our governance members and staff. This is a part of our effort to stay informed of and mitigate biases and conflicts of interest, and avoid self-dealing...."



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