New Developments in Preprinting and Preprint Review | Bosman et al | September 1, 2022

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Summary: "The workshop  introduced the participants to preprinting and preprint peer review. Participants were invited to discuss the opportunities offered by these new approaches to scholarly publishing and peer review, and to reflect on different ways in which these new approaches may complement the traditional journal publishing system. Participants have also been introduced to the Publish Your Reviews initiative, a new community-based initiative developed by one of the workshop organizers together with ASAPbio. Building on the above-mentioned developments, Publish Your Reviews encourages researchers to combine journal peer review with preprint peer review, aiming to increase trust in preprints and to make peer review more efficient."

Bosman, Jeroen, Kramer, Bianca, Sondervan, Jeroen, & Waltman, Ludo. (2022, September 1). New Developments in Preprinting and Preprint Review. Zenodo.


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