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"...Summary of the Discussions:  The online meeting brought together over 80 participants from 35 countries.  All the regions were represented with attendees from universities; research institutes; cultural associations; education institutes and education initiatives; citizen science experts; National Academies  of  Science;  associations  of  universities;  librarians;  open  science  and  open  education  initiatives;  research  funders;  open  access  publishers;  private  sector  science  services;   intergovernmental   organizations;   Permanent   Delegations   to   UNESCO;   and   UNESCO Category 2 Center and UNESCO Chairs. The key messages can be summarized as follows:  With the Working Group, UNESCO has prepared an index of thematic open science infrastructures supporting sharing of knowledge and information in UNESCO’s science priority areas. The  Group  identified  the  following  key  issues  to  consider  when  developing  open  science infrastructures:  adequate    and    sustainable    funding; cost  recovery,  commercialization  and  integration  of  the  views  of  the  private  sector; coordination  and  communication  among  actors  seeking  to  create,  use  and  sustainably support open science infrastructures.  Equity  in  access  to  the  digital  tools,  skills  needed  for  engagement  of  different  open  science actors and multilingualism were identified as key prerequisites for meaningful engagement and dialogue among open science practitioners at multiple scales, from individual researchers to country level. Digital  knowledge  identifiers  were  recognized  as  a  way  to  maximize  the  benefits  of  knowledge sharing.   As  for  next  steps,  the  following  actions  were  highlighted  as  priorities  through  the  discussions of the Group: Identification    of    good characteristics of existing knowledge sharing platforms, including ways to promote and support multilingualism; Identification    of    ideal criteria for open and interoperable systems, as well as the ways to illustrate effective interoperability and coordination among knowledge-sharing platforms at multiple scales...."  


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