Research Library Associations Endorse Open Data Accord | Association of Research Libraries® | ARL® 2016-05-01


"The International Alliance of Research Library Associations (IARLA)—a global coalition of major research and academic library associations in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States—recognizes the importance of working towards a common vision for open data. We firmly believe that open data holds the key to addressing many societal challenges worldwide. IARLA views the Science International accord on “Open Data in a Big Data World” as an important step towards creating and enabling this common vision of the importance of open data. In setting out principles for open data that are derived from emerging practices within the scientific community, the accord lends the voice of a key stakeholder to the case for open data and provides a practical road map for the implementation of open data at the global level. We fully endorse the principles outlined in the accord. In particular we welcome the acknowledgment of the role that libraries can play in supporting open data. Indeed, libraries have a continuing role to collect, organize, and preserve knowledge, and to make it accessible. Within the open science environment these roles imply the provision of assistance and expert advice throughout the research life cycle, including facilitating the creation of data management plans, the use of metadata, and the curation and stewardship of data to make it available and visible over the long term. Libraries aim to create a supportive environment for scientists who wish to make their data open and for individuals who wish to discover, access, and reuse these data. By signing this accord we declare our commitment to working with the scientific community in making publicly funded research data open by default ..."


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