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"I took part in a recent Scopus training webinar about a month ago where it was casually mentioned that Scopus doesn’t index all of Elsevier’s journals. This sparked my interest: Why wouldn’t Scopus, who is owned by Elsevier and tightly tied in with other Elsevier products, index all of Elsevier’s journals? The necessary metadata is all right there. So why not?  Also, asking the question why not all Elsevier journals are in Scopus is kind of a ‘dammed if you dammed if you don’t’ trick question. A bit like asking 'Does your mom know you’re an idiot?'. Elsevier prides itself on only indexing high quality publications in Scopus, and if doesn’t index all of the journals it publishes, isn’t that admitting that not all of the journals Elsevier publishes are not high quality? …So, it is a good question to ask.And ask it I did. A couple times actually. I asked it first during the webinar and it was suggested that perhaps it was because not all the journals Elsevier publishes are on topics that are relevant to Scopus. Which maybe was true when Scopus was stylizing itself as more of a science database, but with its big push humanities lately… this reasoning doesn’t really hold up.  In a later more detailed answer they explained that it was mostly because of two reasons: 1st, some of their journals don’t submit for indexing in Scopus. The duty for submitting ison the editors, but why, if you are an Elsevier publication and have the contacts and the infrastructure, would you not submit to be in one of the biggest A and I databases? Are you trying not to make your journal discoverable?  In their second reason, they finally admitted what I was trying to get them to say. That there are number of journals that do not pass the evaluation. So there we go. Elsevier admits the obviously true (with that many journals there has to be some bad eggs) truth that not all the journals they publish are awesome ..."


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