If Open Sharing Of Data Is A Great Idea For Combatting A Dangerous Plant Disease, Why Not For All Human Diseases? | Techdirt

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"Wheat blast may not be uppermost in the minds of many Techdirt readers, but as the following explains, it's a serious plant disease that is spreading around the world ... That comes from an interesting site called Open Wheat Blast. It's been set up by a group of scientists who want to help combat the threat of wheat blast. And as their name suggests, they hope to do that by sharing data as widely as possible ... That's such a self-evidently sensible thing to do, the obvious question to ask is: why isn't this done routinely -- and for human diseases too? In fact, a couple of months ago, 33 global health bodies signed a 'Statement on data sharing in public health emergencies,' with particular emphasis on sharing data about the Zika virus ...



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