Researcher: Faulty Open Access manuscripts is married to science - the Althing: forskningsformidling 2016-05-04


[From Google's English] "Danish researchers hit by claims of having to archive their manuscripts in open access archives. It is incomprehensible, but is a consequence of public policy on Open Access. Some years ago, the Ministry for Research on all Danish researchers' articles would be free on the web - even without there was evidence that there was a social need or an advantage, as researchers and students already have direct access to all via a university library - even from home. Later, the ministry found out that it will not pay the cost of making the genuine original articles available.  As a workaround, the universities have been forced to create parallel archives; if a journal does not allow its original articles are free online, the university will enforce its researchers to put their scripts on the net instead.  Researchers and students have less research available because manuscripts in relation to the original articles are:  [1] slower reading [2] slower using [3] without important information, includingoften lacking illustrations, graphs and tables [4] faulty [5] of such poor quality that often still must obtain the original article [6] basis for a bureaucratic and unproductive system ... It is pure poison to science ..."


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