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Junar, the Open Data platform leader for the Data Economy, today unveiled the Junar Open Data Platform, a next generation data management system. Its cloud-based platform enables businesses, governments, and other organizations to take the complexity and guesswork out of having to develop their own proprietary open data software and makes it easy to unlock the hidden value of Big Data. The company also announced over 200 organizations participated in its early access program and it has raised initial funding of $1.2 million.  Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, the data management system enables organizations to easily organize and present data that they want to share. The Junar Open Data Platform is the one service that organizations need to collect, enhance, publish, socialize, and report on their Open Data.  The platform provides a simple workflow that allows users to streamline entire Open Dataprojects. From extracting datasets to building graphical views to managing data publishing, Junar ensures that data assets are always fresh, relevant, and social. And while some datasets are best shared, Junar makes it easy to control which datasets are made available to the public and which datasets are assigned only for internal users. The Junar Open Data Platform only takes a few minutes to deploy, requires no complex software or costly servers, and empowers organizations to custom brand and integrate their data into their own Web sites or have it hosted. ‘Open Data is fast becoming the next defining theme for business and government because information drives innovation and collaboration,’ said Diego May, CEO and co-founder of Junar. ‘And Junar is already the engine for hundreds of organizations who are opening data and for millions of end users who use that information today. As we rapidly move to a society dominated by information and services, Junar is busy powering that transformation and the Data Economy.’”



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