No, really, courseware is a thing now |e-Literate 2013-07-26


"In the operating plan slide deck that Cengage recently released as a consequence of their bankruptcy proceedings, the executive summary slide says that a key element of their strategy is “driving aggressive digital growth in a course model.” “Course solutions” is mentioned three times in the deck as well. Cengage, as a company, is essentially betting its future on courseware. Not just digital products in general, but courseware in particular. But they are hardly the only provider building content in this relatively new category. I thought it might be useful to provide a run-down of who is doing what in this space. It turns out that there is a pretty wide range in terms of approaches to the product category. I’ll start with the big publishers and then work my way to some non-traditional players. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it does give a sense of the range of activity that is going on ... "


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