Zetta Science Principles of Open Access

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Use the link to access greater details for each of the follwing principles: “ Principle 1: Data, publications, tools and methodologies paid for by public and institutional funds must be open and access unrestricted ... Principle 2: Replication and validation of data and methodologies is a hallmark of the scientific method... Principle 3: Data and its access should come from all disciplines... Principle 4: Data must be universally and easily discoverable... Principle 5: Scientific Communications need modernization... Principle 6: The needed expertise should be easily found from the worldwide community of scientists... Principle 7: Sharing data needs to aid the contributing scientist.” The ZettaScience website offers the following description: “ZettaScience intends to accelerate innovation worldwide by assembling a creative ecosystem. This consists of: 1) Massive aggregation and curation of life science data and other broadly defined related disciplines that are globally accessible through an advanced search interface that allows a scientist to search for a dataset and within dataset; 2) Significant computational power enabling advanced analytics, statistical and visualization tools, to be used to analyze the data; 3) A global community of scientists and related disciplines available for collaboration in workspaces equipped with all the ZettaScience tools, data, and more; 4) Communications capabilities to rapidly upload and “publish” extended work product (data publication).”




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