European Commission Recommendations on access to and preservation of scientific information 2012-07-17


Use the link to access the full text statement issued by the European Commission on July 17, 2012. Recommendations include: [1] Define clear policies for the dissemination of and open access to scientific publications resulting from publicly funded research. [2] Ensure that research funding institutions responsible for managing public research funding and academic institutions receiving public funding implement the policies [3] Define clear policies for the dissemination of and open access to research data resulting from publicly funded research. [4] Reinforce the preservation of scientific information... [5] Further develop e-infrastructures underpinning the system for disseminating scientific information... [6] Ensure synergies among national e-infrastructures at European and global level [7] Participate in multi-stakeholder dialogues at national, European and/or international level on how to foster open access to and preservation of scientific information... [8] Designate by the end of the year a national point of reference... [9] Inform the Commission 18 months from the publication of this Recommendation in the Official Journal of the European Union, and every two years thereafter, of action taken in response to the different elements of this Recommendation, in accordance with formalities to be defined and agreed. On this basis, the Commission will review the progress made across the EU to assess whether further action is needed to achieve the objectives laid down in this Recommendation.”



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