Opendata benchmark - FR vs UK vs US 2012-07-22


Use the link to access the presentation made by Cyrille Vincey of qunb. qunb describes itself as, “the next one-stop-shop for numbers. Our job : to aggregate trillions of quantitative facts fetched from thousands of sources onto our BigData platform, and to enable you to display and combine this information into consistent charts without even thinking about it.” The presentation was given at the “Dataconnexions launch conference organized by Google France...” “The Dataconnexions are a series of initiatives from the French government, including its mission ETALAB ... Open Data movement in France. The objective of this program is to encourage the use of public data now available on , organizing a call for entries. Four competitions will accompany the arrival of new data on the site throughout 2012. This second contest begins mid-June, rewarding the best applications in an awards ceremony in September. The current presentation is described as an “ in-depth quantitative analysis about the French opendata catalog, and its comparison with the UK and the US catalogs.”



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