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"The term 'open data' is liberally used across the healthcare sector, but drill down into the concept and it retains multiple definitions. The easy answer is that "open data" can be viewed and shared digitally, without restrictions and accessed by anyone at any time. But in the clinical research environment, commercially sensitive data places great pressure on data security. The word open causes nervousness, which is why great care needs to be taken to demonstrate the business benefits of an open data policy. For the NIHR Clinical Research Network, open data is: …'data that can be made use of by anyone within the organisation through analysis, linkages, and evidence based delivery.'  Many will say this is not really open at all, as we are ensuring detailed elements of research information can only be accessed internally. But even that is far more open than we have been able to orchestrate in the past and is a starting point for how we begin to increase access to appropriate information in the future ..."


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