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"Digital technologies know no borders, particularly when they are based on the Internet. And the challenges they pose to the various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences who have taken over the digital are many: how to maintain access to quantities (unpublished) data, ensuring their integrity and context of production? How to facilitate their use and reuse? How to set up their preservation over the long term (renewed since many of these data are now natively digital issue)? How to ensure interoperability between data when they are expressed in a variety of formats? How to adapt to technological change formats, software, etc.., Always moving? How best to disseminate the results of research? How to protect the respect of privacy when data represent individuals? Which licensing systems ensure intellectual property? So many questions whose answers, based on the exchange of knowledge, expertise and practices, to be built by enrolling in a transnational and multidisciplinary study: (I)  transnational , will be understood as technologies of the Internet broadcast regardless of frontiers, but also because the cost of these technologies is high, everything that can be shared and shared represent direct savings, gain time, but also a (larger) quality assurance; (Ii)  multidisciplinary , because it has everything to gain from sharing experiences, knowledge and practices accumulated in different disciplines, especially a number of questions arise in the same way, regardless of the proposed discipline (use of persistent identifiers, etc..). DARIAH ( Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities  ; www.dariah.eu) is a European initiative, which among other things will build these places of reflection. In the remainder of this article, we will identify the essential elements of this initiative ..."



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