Tim Gowers's Proposed Boycott on Elsevier Only Makes Sense If It is Extended To All Subscription, Non-Free, Journals, Including those of the so-called "Non-Profit" American Mathematical Society (That is (at least) As Greedy As Private Publishers)

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“I have always admired Tim Gowers for his great depth, breadth, and initiative, and for sharing his usually great insights in his rightfully celebrated blog. In a recent post, Tim Gowers is proposing a boycott against the commercial publisher Elsevier. I agree that Elsevier should be boycotted, but it would be really hypocritical to only boycott Elsevier... So, Tim, I will gladly join you in the boycott, if you would join me in my already unofficial boycott against all subscription journals (both electronic and print). All my single-authored papers only go to my own free electronic Journal as well as to the most important "journal" that exists today, arxiv.org... For obvious reasons, papers co-authored with collaborators who are not yet tenured, or fully promoted, still have to be submitted to ‘real’, ‘peer’-reviewed journals, that charge an arm and a leg. For example, the very mediocre ‘Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society’ charges $758.40 per ONE volume (see this page) from individuals who are not affiliated with an institution. I don't know how much an individual subscription (for non-affiliated people) to MathSciNet costs, but I am sure that it is a good amount... And beware of ‘non-profit’ official societies. They are just as greedy as commercial publishers, often more so. The Joint Mathematical Meetings have exponentially grown in recent years, but the quality of the invited talks (and attendance in these talks) has also declined exponentially. It seems that the American Mathematical Society (and to a lesser extent AMM and SIAM) only cares about the ‘bottom line...’”




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