An arXiv for all of science? F1000 launches new immediate publication journal 2012-08-20


“Late last year, we published an invited commentary in Nature calling for science to more formally embrace post-publication peer review, and stop fetishizing the published paper. One of the models we cited was Faculty of 1000 (F1000), ‘in which experts flag important papers in their field.’ So it’s not surprising that F1000 is announcing today that they’re launching a new journal, F1000 Research, intended to address three major issues afflicting scientific publishing today: timely dissemination of research, peer review and sharing of data... It no longer makes sense to wait months or years to read, comment, or build upon another lab’s work, and similarly to hold back your own data and insights until the archival version is released, without the benefit of wider peer feedback. I asked F1000′s Rebecca Lawrence...the new journal’s approach meshed with the ideas we — and others — have proposed for post-publication peer review: What we are planning to do fits well with that general idea – i.e. inclusion of all comments, referee reports, author responses, corrections, updates etc, as well as trying to pull together metrics and relevant discussion around the paper that is hosted elsewhere e.g. blogs, tweets etc. The idea is that the paper never finishes refereeing...”



08/16/2012, 06:08

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