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... “The public domain is a vast commons of material that is no longer protected by copyright, meaning that the material is free to enjoy, share and build upon without restriction... The Public Domain Review aspires to become a bounteous gateway into this whopping plenitude that is the public domain, helping our readers to explore this rich terrain by surfacing unusual and obscure works, and offering fresh reflections and unfamiliar angles on material which is more well known... [The Guide to Finding Interesting Public Works Online] intended to assist people who are interested in exploring interesting works which have entered the public domain. It covers: [1] Collecting leads, i.e. Leads on interesting public domain works [that] come from a wide array of sources – from exhibitions, museums, concerts, television, the radio, books, newspapers, talking to people, etc. [2] Online Collections [including films, texts, images, and audio as well as links to resources such as Europeana, the Library of Congress, the Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg and others] [3] Legal Stuff [including] ( i) Licensing [to identify and understand works in the public domain using cc licenses and] (ii) When Does a Work Pass Into The Public Domain? [including a brief definition of public domain and links to international resources for understanding laws regulating public domain, to public domain calculators, and tools for checking public domain status]...”



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