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For background information please see Gluejar whose vision is to build “a place for individuals and institutions to join together to liberate specific ebooks and other types of digital content by paying rights holders to relicense their works under Creative Commons licenses.” “‘....unglue,’ the concept that lies at the heart of Gluejar [is defined as follows]: ‘unglue (v.t.) For an author or publisher to accept a fixed amount of money from the public for its unlimited use of an e-book.’ Hellman [founder and President of Gluejar.Inc and Unglue.it ] wants us to consider... a world in which those who hold the rights to books agree to license them through a Creative Commons arrangement... and at the same time creates an environment in which public funding helps “unglue” the books for digital distribution... Crowdfunding — something already in play within organizations as diverse as the Nature Conservancy, NPR, and Kickstarter — provides the fiscal fuel, making sure that both the creators of the book and Gluejar get compensated for their efforts... [implications:] 1) Print publishing now has a cash-out Exit Strategy if this comes to pass. 2) Writers dumped by their publishers could have a new way to reach new readers... 3) What if all public libraries pooled into one fund each year 1-2% of their budgets for this? ... 4) Those who hold rights to currently not-in-e and out-of-print books could have a way to bring them back to life by having the market decide their value up-front...”




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