La place des revues dans la communication scientifique en régime de libre accès - 2014-05-22


Use the link to access the full text article from the European Journal of Social Sciences.  The abstract reads as follows: [From Google's English] "As an introduction to this section dedicated to Open Access in Human and Social Sciences by the European Journal of Social Sciences , this article deals with the debate in France spurred by the publication of the European Commission Recommendation about 'access to and preservation of scientific information' . After Analysing the arguments and strategies of the different stakeholders Involved, the authors sketch out how an open access scientific communication look like May with regard to two dominant paradigms ('legal-bibliometrical' vs. 'collaborative-networking'). In doing so, the role of Question They HSS journals in the context of the economy of care and put the focus on the unexpected consequences derived from That May a communication based on scientific data and Relying on the prescription operated by algorithms and social networks."


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