Open access et SHS : Controverses - 2014-05-22


Use the link to access the full text article from the European Journal of Social SCiences.  The abstract reads as follows: [From Google's English]: "After dealing with the genesis of the Open Access movement and reporting the current controversial debates on the subject, this article the Chat AIMS to the political injunction Towards the open access to scientific publications Considering the characteristics of the Human and Social Sciences field. That is the principle thesis public policies are mostly based on features derived from the techical That, biomedical or natural sciences, the author challenges the relevance of Reviews some of the common Assumptions derived, namely the barrier of access to knowledge, and examined in relation to the stakes innovation, growth and return of investment, PARTICULARLY in the prospect of open data and data mining. The paper stresses the possible impact the digital transformation That May-have on publishing in the field of human and social sciences and outlines different scenarios DEPENDING on the public policies Implemented."


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