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Tier 1

Definition: An autocratic regime owns or controls most of an outlet via funding WITHOUT editorial independence OR through management OR other authority.

Key Elements: 

  • Majority-owned OR -funded without editorial independence OR -operated by other state authority.

  • Proregime content, which we define as framing, arguments, or ideas endorsed, promoted, or implied by regime officials, employees, representatives, allies, or contract workers.

Outlets categorized under the state's control are owned by someone living in or based in the regime state, like Russia or Belarus, for example, as press freedom does not exist in those states. Outlets receiving more than half of their funding from the state with no editorial independence or under the oversight of intelligence or other officials may be classified as regime-controlled, even if located elsewhere and funded by other means.

Tier 1 outlets include RT, Sputnik, TASS, South Front, News Front, New Eastern Outlook, and Factor GMO.


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