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Deeplinks 2024-06-07


It’s the weekend. You decide you want to do something fun with your family—maybe go to a local festival or park. So, you start searching on your favorite social media app to see what other people are doing. Soon after, you get ads on other platforms about the activities you were just looking at. What the heck?

That’s the reality we’re in today. As EFF’s Associate Director of Legislative Activism Hayley Tsukayama puts it, “That puts people in a really difficult position, when we’re supposed to manage our own privacy, but we’re also supposed to use all these things that are products that will make our lives better.”

Watch EFF’s Cory Doctorow, Eva Galperin, Hayley Tsukayama, and others in the digital rights community explain how your data gets scooped up by data brokers—and common practices to protect your privacy online—in Secrets in Your Data on NOVΛ. You can watch the premier or read the transcript here below:

Person looking at a screen showing their personal information.

Watch Secrets in Your Data on PBS.org

EFF continues pushing for a comprehensive data privacy law that would reign in data brokers' ability to collect our information and share it to the highest bidders, including law enforcement. Additionally, you can use these resources to help keep you safe online



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