The refugee crisis will not be hacked

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That being said, social media as a tool to gather and analyze humanitarian data is indeed a game changer. We have found that harnessing social media for the purposes of collecting meaningful feedback from refugees has been an incredibly valuable component in keeping in touch with our audience, and making sure that the information we provide meets their needs. Notably, we interact with people through our NewsThatMoves Facebook pages, but it is important to point out that this is one platform we support as part of a wider information ecosystem. People trust us because they’ve seen my colleagues from the time they arrived in Lesvos, to when they were stuck at Pireaus port or the Idomeni site at the Greek-Macedonian border. We have spoken their language and answered their questions, and provided useful information when they have needed it the most. Our website and Facebook pages fit into a well-rounded humanitarian response, and we would have been foolish to think that one of these elements would have worked without the other.


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