WhatsApp vs Telegram: Should You Make the Switch?

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On WhatsApp, you get sent, delivered and read receipts. On Telegram, all you get is sent and read receipts, which is much less comprehensive. You also cannot opt out of read receipts like WhatsApp, so if your girlfriend texts you and you ignore her, you’re screwed. #glhf


  • The great thing about Telegram is that you can create self-destruct chat messages. To do this, just click on the triple liner button on the left and create a secret chat with your friend.
  • Subsequently, just set a self-destruct timer by clicking the button on the top right and then selecting your timer.
  • If you choose a 5-second self-destruct timer, then your messages will be auto-deleted after 5 seconds once your recipient has opened it.
  • This is a great way to erase all digital footprints, especially if you are having a sensitive conversation.



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