HuR-dependent expression of Wisp1 is necessary for TGFβ-induced cardiac myofibroblast activity

pubmed: wnt1 2023-03-19


Cardiac fibrosis is regulated by the activation and phenotypic switching of quiescent cardiac fibroblasts to active myofibroblasts, which have extracellular matrix (ECM) remodeling and contractile functions which play a central role in cardiac remodeling in response to injury. Here, we show that expression and activity of the RNA binding protein HuR is increased in cardiac fibroblasts upon transformation to an active myofibroblast. Pharmacological inhibition of HuR significantly blunts the...


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Lisa C Green, Samuel Slone, Sarah R Anthony, Adrienne R Guarnieri, Sharon Parkins, Shannon M Shearer, Michelle L Nieman, Sudeshna Roy, Jeffrey Aube, Xiaoqing Wu, Liang Xu, Onur Kanisicak, Michael Tranter

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03/19/2023, 11:48

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11/13/2022, 06:00