It is completely unacceptable that so many people think that being raped as a convict is a fair and just consequence.

reddit: the front page of the internet 2021-04-21

I've heard a lot of people, and especially today, talk lackadaisically and even with joy at the prospect of Chauvin getting raped in prison as a consequence. I hold no love for Chauvin and I'm glad to see him convicted, but I find it alarming how many people normalize and even wish for it to happen to a convict. My comment isn't specific to today's events, but I hear this all the time. Is it actually just accepted among the American conscious that incarcerated people should be repeatedly sexually assaulted as part of their punishment? Doesn't this clearly constitute a cruel and unusual punishment? Why do we normalize this as an expectation of being incarcerated? What's perhaps more disturbing is that almost everyone knows this happens and just accepts it as a fact of life. It's really not acceptable or permissible and we should stop normalizing it.

Edit: To all the people who have been assaulted, I hope you found justice and I understand that you would want your perpetrator to feel the same level of violation, humiliation and trauma you did. To all the other people who are advocating rape for rapists, take a step back and ask yourself if you really think the best solution to rape is more rape.

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