LIBNOVA's consortium selected for the CERN-led research project to build the next generation research data preservation solution

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LIBNOVA has been selected for the first stage of the ARCHIVER Project (CERN-led consortium that includes several of the top European research-related organizations) to build the next generation solution for research datasets archiving and preservation at the multi-petabyte scale.

This project gives LIBNOVA additional energy, motivation and resources to continue pursuing our mission to make the most advanced digital preservation platform available to the community. Preserving research data has some unique challenges, making it really complex to achieve without proper processes and tools. Managing the provenance, solving the reproducibility problems or aligning the data sets with the best practices are key areas to address, with many communities involved. Building on top of our LIBSAFE platform and working together with the University of Barcelona, the Spanish National Research Council and David Giaretta, our proposal has been selected to participate in the project (with 4,8M€ total funding for several years). The resulting products will become part of the European Open Science Cloud catalogue, which will promote access to the most advanced platforms to the European researchers.



06/27/2020, 07:45

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