Open Access Publishing - Interview With Frederique Belliard And Just De Leeuwe From The Delft University Of Technology Library - Ep. 29 PhD Talk podcast

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We are back with another episode on Open Science. In this episode, we interview Frederique Belliard and Just de Leeuwe from the Delft University of Technology library on open access publishing: from the perspective of the TU Delft library which encourages researchers to publish open access and from the perspective of the TU Delft publishing house. Listen to this episode to learn about how Frederique made the shift from research in an academic context to being in touch with research as a publisher, and how Just made the transition from working with information of the Rotterdam pollution maps to work as a librarian. You will also learn about their best advice for selecting an open access journal to publish your research, as well as important things to consider with regard to the copyright of your work. In this episode, we also learn how to get started with open access publishing if your advisor may be hesitant, the best advice for PhD candidates from Frederique and Just, how COVID-19 impacted their daily tasks, and what a day in the life looks like for them.



06/19/2021, 00:10

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