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openacrs's bookmarks 2021-07-04


Melanie Röthlisberger provides students and junior researchers with the tools to navigate all things open science. The linguist has been working in the Data Services & Open Access team in the Main Library of the University of Zurich since February 2021. Melanie Röthlisberger studied linguistics and wrote her PhD thesis on English language varieties. Her current, SNSF-funded project, My Child Speaks Balkan Slang, explores language variation in children’s Swiss-German dialects across urban and rural spaces. But this only takes up part of her time. For her main job, the linguistics expert recently joined the Data Services & Open Access team of the Main Library of the University of Zurich. “Open access has been an important part of my research from the beginning,” Röthlisberger says. Thanks to her role at the Main Library, she can now pass on her expertise to others. Together with her team, she is getting ready to teach students and junior researchers at UZH the basics of open science in special courses as part of the Digital Skills for You program.



07/03/2021, 23:31

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